The flying car model developed by Terrafugia, owned by the Chinese international automotive company Geely, received a certificate of airworthiness from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

The car developed by the American company Terrafugia, which is part of Geely Holding, has received official permission to fly. This shows that flying car dreams will come true.

To obtain certification from the Federal Aviation Administration, the invention had to go through 80 days of air testing, and also, the designers and company management had to prepare about 150 technical documents for this flying car model. The company’s CEO, Kevin Colburn, said critical stages of the vehicle’s design have been completed, but there is still a lot of work to document. The full design of the hybrid vehicle is planned for 2022. After that, he will be able to legally not only fly, but also go on any road.

The price will be over 300 thousand dollars
Let us remind you that Terrafugia Transition can reach 185 km / h speed on asphalt. It is also compact enough to easily fit in a regular car garage. The width of the folded-wing hybrid is only 2 meters. The vehicle, which can take enough fuel for 780 km of flight thanks to its large fuel tank, was developed to provide comfort to people who frequently travel between cities, according to the company’s statements.

Let us remind you that the development of the car started in 2006, and it was only after three years of hard work that the designers managed to bring their invention to the sky. It is not yet clear how much the Terrafugia Transition will cost buyers. The previous model, which never went into production, cost more than $ 300,000.


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