Waited browser tests for GeForce Now competitor Microsoft xCloud have finally begun.The long-awaited browser tests have begun for Microsoft xCloud, announced in 2018.

The first images from the testing process were shared by The Verge team.

When we examine the images shared about the web version of Microsoft xCloud, we are welcomed by a simple user interface, just like on Android devices. In this part, we can say that the web version of the service comes with a very simple and understandable interface design.

Reaching some information about the web version of Microsoft’s cloud-based game service, the source states that the browser version can only be used in Chromium-based browsers. However, particular attention is drawn to the fact that this situation may change later. This means that the service in question can be used by other internet browsers in the future. In addition, it is among the shared information that the service will work optimized according to the screen used.

Apart from all this information, it is also stated that the service uses Series S servers instead of Xbox Series X. This shows that the service will not support 4K resolution in the first place.


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