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2017 was a year in which cryptocurrencies were introduced to the whole world. We saw a similar trend in the last quarter of 2020 and the first half of 2021. Thanks to the latest crypto rally all over the world, almost no one has heard of cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin. Now more and more people want to own Bitcoin.

The most popular way to invest in Bitcoin is online cryptocurrency exchanges, but crypto mining is also an industry that has grown in popularity in recent years. The mining industry, whose difficulty increases as its demand increases, has many advantages and some disadvantages. By eliminating these disadvantages in many companies around the world, it allows people to earn regular income through mining.

Bitcoin Mining Overview

Miners, also called nodes, carry out the activities of confirming and adding transaction blocks on the network they use, the blockchain. At the same time, the security of the network is ensured by miners. In this decentralized, peer-to-peer network, miners are responsible for putting new Bitcoins into circulation. Block definitions and verifications are done by solving mathematical equations in the simplest terms. While miners use huge processing power to perform these transactions, the time and energy costs of crypto mining are also quite high.

Bitcoin miners earn Bitcoin as a reward for these activities. They are in constant competition with other miners to get this reward.

In recent years, as the Blockchain network has grown, individual mining has become almost impossible. However, in the first years of the emergence of cryptocurrencies, miners could easily perform these transactions with their personal computers. Over time, as the network grew, mining difficulty increased due to the need for more processing power.

Today, specially produced equipment, a suitable environment and energy need for mining cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin, create a high cost. Therefore, mining pools were established to meet the increasing competition and high costs in the sector. Mining has become significantly easier with the common resources used in mining pools and the combined processing power of members. These companies carry out this business professionally, using areas designed for crypto mining and very expensive equipment. One of these companies is GoMining.

Is it possible to earn regular income from Bitcoin mining without incurring high costs?

GoMining offers unique advantages with the GoMining Token (GMT) it has developed. GMT is a utility token that allows Users to earn mining income without procuring expensive equipment and incurring electricity costs. This project makes mining easy for both an experienced trader and a beginner.

GoMining is a mining company founded in 2017 by creating a pool of international investors. The primary goal of the company is to make the mining process available to the public.

The high cost of mining investment and sustainability costs to generate regular income from this activity make individual mining almost impossible today. The company, which aims to spread mining to the base, has implemented the GoMining Token as a solution to this.

GoMining Token is an investment tool that allows you to earn daily BTC income. The principle of operation is quite simple. Investors receive this token, powered by the real computing power of the equipment in the mining pool, and the next day they start earning income from their mining activities.

How does the GoMining Token work?

Each GMT is backed by a true unit of computing power of 0.001 TH/s via the SHA-256 protocol. Hash rate can be tracked in real time on token.gomining.com.

The first issue was 100,000 000 tokens backed by 100,000 TH/s. All proceeds from the token sale were used to acquire and replenish the device fleet. After the installation of new equipment, new tokens are issued, equal to the volume of deployed capacities.

Thus, by purchasing 1 GMT, the investor is automatically involved in BTC mining. In other words, it obtains 0.001 TH of the actual computing power of the fleet of devices that provide daily revenue. You can find the formula for calculating daily income in the project’s whitepaper and also on the website: token.gomining.com

Where does the GoMining Token get its power?

GMT is supported by 4 fully operational data centers with a total capacity of 200 MW, with more than 73,000 different generation devices with an average energy efficiency of 60 W/Th. Thanks to this Bitcoin mining facility

GMT token showcases real use case. In addition, the company states that 3 new data centers with a total capacity of 100 MW are under construction.

What are the advantages of investing in GoMining Token (GMT)?

Quick start investing in BTC mining: By purchasing a token, you are actually making a direct investment in mining power that is already in operation. You no longer have to worry about purchasing, installing, maintaining or upgrading equipment for mining.

Investors do not notice any technical problems: they just enjoy trading without unnecessary worries.

Ability to quickly return to liquidity and stabilize profits through token sale: Unlike the possession of equipment, the token is a highly liquid financial asset. It only takes a few minutes to sell.

No additional investment: It is not subject to wear and tear, does not require service maintenance and does not require additional investments in modernization to maintain the hash rate.

Double profitability for investment protection: By investing in GMT, you are investing not only in a growing exchange-traded asset, but also in an asset with a passive daily return. Such a token model provides additional income, creating financial support for an investor in case of market volatility.

GoMining is constantly renewing its fleet of devices and purchasing new equipment. When equipment is purchased, the capacity also increases, which affects the token’s price and mining revenue.

Generating regular income with Bitcoin mining has never been easier – GoMining (GMT)

After purchasing equipment and commissioning new capacities, the GMT team performs the token burning procedure. This process works as follows:


The company offers 20,000 TH of computing power with its newly purchased equipment,
Half (10,000,000) of the 20,000,000 tokens issued in the ERC-20 standard have been burned,
The remaining (10,000 TH) of the post-burn capacity was redistributed by volume among all circulating tokens,
As a result, the token supply capacity has increased by 8.3 percent and currently stands at 0.001083 TH/S.
In the future, there will be a burning process ranging from 20 percent to 100 percent in each additional emission, and the capacity will be redistributed among active tokens.
Launching the new equipment on June 3, 2021, the company made an additional circulation of 10,000,000 tokens on the Binance Smart Chain Blockchain platform. Additional circulation will be carried out again and again in proportion to the introduction of additional capacities.

Gomining Token (GMT): The newest way to earn passive income with Bitcoin mining

Funds from the token sale are used to purchase new equipment. After connecting the equipment to the network, an equal amount of additional tokens is distributed depending on the volume of the additional hash rate. Also, depending on the cost of the equipment purchased, 20 to 100 percent of the tokens issued are instantly burned, and the idle capacity due to the burning is redistributed among all the tokens in circulation.

Thus, the hashrate of 1 GMT will increase steadily and subsequently the mining income of token holders will also increase. Therefore, a constant fundamental growth of the token, i.e. a continuous increase in the price of the token, is achieved.

By improving the quality of equipment, introducing new technologies for Bitcoin mining will increase the daily revenue level in BTC and as a result the revenue will become higher than traditional mining.

Where to buy GoMining Token (GMT)?

In order to buy GMT, the user must have the ETH or BSC address to which the purchased coins will be transferred, as well as a BTC address. The BTC address will be where the individual will receive their mining income separately.

After registering on https://token.gomining.com website, both wallets will be automatically linked to the user’s personal account. This is necessary to determine the correct calculation of the amount of BTC income of the owner.

Gomining (GMT) can be purchased in two ways, detailed below:

Online purchase

through a personal account using the “crypto-to-crypto” scheme on the website https://token.gomining.com;

To buy GMT on the https://token.gomining.com website, the user can choose the following cryptocurrencies: BTC / ETH / USDT (ERC20 and BEP20).

The cost is calculated based on the average market price of the token. The amount of tokens that can be purchased is reflected in the user’s personal account.

Buying on the stock market

The purchase of a token can be carried out on centralized exchanges (CEX) and decentralized exchanges (DEX). You can access the list of exchanges where GMT is traded on the website https://token.gomining.com/.

The price of the token is determined by exchange quotes. You can follow the average market capitalization and trading volume of the token on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko.


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