Genshin Impact is one of the most popular and colorful free games on the market, we can even say that it already has a significant fan base. Now, this group of followers takes care of the protagonists of the game as if they were their own family and would not allow the designs to be used for other purposes.

As we mentioned, Genshin Impact fans are relentless and they went against a Twitter account that was making content with one of the game’s protagonists who is underage.

With all this established, the Twitter account is now closed or canceled and it was surely because the Genshin Impact fans were on top of the user since he was being singled out for creating child pornography from the character of the free-to-play game of myHoYo.

Finally, we do not know if the content is still in production, since the account is the one that was only taken from Twitter. The animations may still be there, being distributed and in the wrong hands. It remains to be seen if miHoYo, the editor behind Genshin Impact, can do something about it.



Let’s not lose sight of the fact that many Genshin Impact character designs and promotional arts are riddled with fan service. For that reason we can see the protagonists in “almost” suggestive positions or with much more detail than a normal drawing.

It happens that, for a promotional poster, one of the Genshin Impact girls, in this precise case, Ganyu, received some tweaks. If you compare the original image with the one on the poster, you immediately notice what they changed.

There is also another Genshin Impact art where you can clearly see how a cleavage is removed and covered with something a little more discreet with another character from the game.

We’ll see what happens with the other promotional arts of this title, which is the sensation, despite the fact that there are many complaints about the ‘gatcha’ mechanics that many consider somewhat unfair.


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