Mad Max: Fury Road, the movie of George Miller released in 2015, swept around, ran from prize to prize and garnered praise for the use of technical facilities. A solo project about the character of Furiosa, played by Charlize Theron, was one of the titles spoken even during the shooting of Fury Road. The rumors that Miller had tried to try Anna Taylor Joy to play in the film had been a news that cinema press couldn’t get out of the language for a while.

Miller confirmed this news to the New York Times and added that for a long time he thought of rejuvenating Theron with the CGI technique that we are familiar with The Irishman, but gave up by deciding that this technology was not yet sufficient. Stating that he believes that it will reach the desired point in the near future with the studies on this subject, which is interesting in the sector, the director said that he still sees it as an uncanny way for now.

Another name that is mentioned loudly for the lead role of the film is Jodie Comer, who kills Eve in the television world with the character of Vilanelle, also played by Killing Eve. Comer, who is currently the biggest candidate for the role with Anna Taylor Joy, with her familiarity with the action scenes and her increasing recognition recently, will wait for George Miller’s ongoing cast auditions to end.

Miller, who has to cut the project before starting the shooting of Three Thousand Years of Longing starring stars like Tidra Swinton and Idris Elba, is expected to shoot the movie that will tell the story of Furiosa after this movie is completed. Until then, you can check out Fury Road videos and photos that Theron has been sharing on his Twitter account for some time.



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