Two new players joined the second season of Netflix’s popular series The Witcher. Young Geralt and young Vesemir will be in the second season.

Two new players have been added to the second season of the Netflix series of The Witcher, which is very popular in the world of fantasy novels and games.

It was previously announced that an episode of the second season will take place in Kaer Morhen. This is the place we see in the games, where Geralt himself was trained and Ciri also trained. According to the last actors added to the series, we will also watch things about the history of the main character, and these will most likely be scenes in Kaer Morhen.

According to Redanian Intelligence’s report, the second season will be the youth of young Geralt and Vesemir, who will appear for the first time this season. Alexander Squires and James Baxter will enliven the young Geralt and the young Vesemir in turn. The role of Vesemir in the main story will be played by Kim Bodnia.

The filming of season two of The Witcher was finished last week, but the release date is still unknown. Before the second season, an animated movie focusing on Vesemir will be released, but its release date is unclear. The movie is called The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf.


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