NFT News; The German Football Federation has created NFT cards for its current players in Euro 2021.



The deal will be in collaboration with football blockchain collectibles platform Sorare. This contract comes after Sorare released NFT cards for the French national team last week.

Sorare will also introduce a weekly football platform where a football player selected by the fans can compete with other fans and measure their performance based on their performance that week.

With the participation of the German National Team, Sorare has grown even more in the NFT field!

Football fans can use it for cryptocurrency or other cards that can be exchanged for fiat currency. Since the cards are created as NFT, they will retain their authenticity.

Sorare’s popularity has grown as football fans are not allowed to physically support their favorite players and teams due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, they sought new ways to get involved in the game.

Sorare made good use of this opportunity as he partnered with several top football teams to expand the platform’s popularity around the world. Currently, there are about 140 teams in the network.

The NFT card will encourage more fan engagement, so with the football game, fans can get involved and follow their favorite football stars closely. This was in line with the goals of both the French and German football associations to realize the deal.

The license agreement will enable the German Football Association to set up digital collectible cards on the Ethereum (ETH/USD) blockchain for 18 players on the Sorare network.

Through this agreement, the German Football Federation aims to create new sources of income and provide fans with more opportunities to interact with their favorite football stars. Even as the pandemic is ending, the German football federation says it wants to explore digitalization to offer fans new interactive opportunities.


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