The recently released indie game features spectacular pixelart work and animation

Among the standalone games we’ve seen these days of varied presentations, there’s one in particular that should thrill 32-bit platform / action lovers, the Symphony of the Night, Mega Man X, or particularly the Mega Man Zero. from GBA (yes, the Nintendo laptop is a 32 bit too). Its name is Gestalt Steam & Cinder and it promises to be quite a show for lovers of pixelart and games with traditional animation in light of what we have seen in its recent trailer.

Classic 2D Action

The first seconds already serve to put its protagonist under the spotlight: Aletheia, a bounty hunter that shines for the exquisitely lively red-haired mane that masterfully stylizes her movements, reminding us of other 2D style masters such as Alucard or the aforementioned Zero in their different iterations . Like the Capcom character, the hunter uses a combination of melee attacks with ranged weapons, as well as dodge and acceleration movements to play with space, energize movement and give us more fans of options when acting against enemy and boss attacks.

The setting, markedly Steampunk, is enhanced by a detailed and remarkable work in the background, which is especially appreciated in the city that works as an operations center: Canaan, the last bastion of humanity. From there we can accept missions and unravel mysteries buried for centuries, including the dark origins of a city that is a mystery to its inhabitants.

Like other games of its style, it also bets on incorporating some elements of the RPG, such as development of the skills system, allowing us to assign points to different attributes; or also a system of dialogues with which we can make decisions that affect the development of the plot.

At the moment, the game is announced for Steam, with release for 2020, you can find out more details through its page in the Valve store (and put it on the wish list if you like what you see, something that always helps independent developers to gain visibility within the store).


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