Apple will continue to offer diversity to users with its iPhone case products. When purchasing a smartphone, users often buy in a case. Because the covers protect smartphones from bumps and scratches, while also providing a pleasant appearance. In fact, many users want to make a difference in the way their smartphone looks by changing cases frequently. Apple has taken into account this situation of users and wants to make significant changes in the production of cases for smart phone models. Apple will give a different look to the new case models it will produce for iPhones with its new patent.



The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) announced that Apple has received a new patent for iPhone models. The aim of the patent is that the transparent coatings and glass layers to be produced for iPhone models change color according to the light and provide a different image to the devices. The OPPO Reno5 Pro 5G smartphone model has a gradient color coating similar to the content of this patent.

iPhone case

Apple has stated that the screens and back covers of iPhone models have an inward transparent glass layer. In clear glass sheets, they can have a textured surface and transmit light at a right angle. Later, the light is reflected back from the lower layers. Thus, the appearance of the surface changes depending on the viewing angle. Apple will be inspired by this situation and design its new products.


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