After a season at home without a lot of activities to motivate you to move, you’ve probably started to feel like you’re missing a bit of stretching and exercise to get back to who you were before quarantine, but don’t worry, K-pop has come to save you.

For some of us, following the choreography of K-pop idols is not easy, for others it may not be the exercise they are looking for, if what you have in mind is to start a more fitness life and leave laziness behind, then you are in the ideal place.

The YouTube channels that you will find below present different types of routines to exercise from home and, the perfect motivation is that you will do it to the rhythm of K-pop.

With your favorite songs giving you energy, there will be no excuses to avoid exercise, on the contrary, you will feel more excited and wanting to make it part of your day to day.


This girl’s channel is full of exercise routines, eating tips and lots of tips to keep you in shape, however, after her trip to Asia, the K-pop culture inspired her to do something different for her routines. Here’s one of them that’s inspired by BTS’s Idol choreography:


On the Emi channel you will find videos to burn fat and they are divided according to what you are looking for, for example, the days you want to take before seeing results, the time you want to invest in each session, etc. But most importantly, it has a special section to teach you how to exercise to the rhythm of your favorite K-pop songs. This is an abdominal routine accompanied by TWICE’s Fancy:


In this channel you will find different alternatives to exercise while working your muscles. Some of the videos have tutorials on how to do each of the exercises for a given song, while other clips are a mix of various K-pop tunes for you to exercise for longer. During the video below you will learn to exercise to the rhythm of Hip de MAMAMOO:


Sunny’s channel includes different dance-inspired routines, she uses the most popular K-pop songs to give exercise rhythm to herself and her peers, the routines don’t include the steps of the original choreography, but it will help you stay on track. shape.

For the following video, sunny used one of ITZY’s songs with more energy:


This channel uses some of the most popular K-pop hits to inspire cardio routines, although you will recognize some steps from the original choreography, the objective of this channel is to provide you with a guide to movements that help you exercise. The following video is a routine created to the rhythm of EXO’s Love Shot:


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