GFRIEND will also enliven the comeback list this summer.

On Wednesday (17/06) OSEN media reported that GFRIEND was currently preparing for their comeback in mid-July.

The report said, “GFRIEND has recently finished shooting a music video for the main song. During the shoot, the staff were very surprised when they saw the transformation shown by GFRIEND members. ”

Through this comeback, GFRIEND will reportedly show a different concept and image from the previous comeback.

Shortly after the news was released, GFRIEND immediately confirmed this news through the Weverse app.

In an announcement on Weverse, GFRIEND was confirmed to be returning with an album titled ‘‘: Song of the Sirens’ on July 13, 2020. Pre-orders for this album will begin opening on 22 June 2020.

This will also mark the next comeback for GFRIEND in 2020, after the last release of ‘Crossroads’ in February.


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