GFRIEND has been confirmed to carry out a comeback with producer Bang Si Hyuk’s song.

In the early hours of Monday (06/07), GFRIEND uploaded a list of songs for their latest mini album titled ‘回: Song of the Sirens’.

This mini album contains a total of 6 songs including the main song ‘Apple’ which was produced by Bang Si Hyuk with producers FRANTS and Pdogg. In addition, Eunha and Yuju were also contributors to the song.

Not only the main song ‘Apple’, Eunha and Yuju also participated in writing the lyrics to the song ‘Tarot Cards’, of which Umji also participated as a contributor. While Umji and Yuju participated in writing the song ‘Time of Snow’.

In addition to the three songs mentioned above, other titles that will be included in this mini album are ‘Mirror Room’, ‘Crème Brûlée’ and ‘North Stairs’.

The mini album 回 回: Song of the Sirens ’and the music video‘ Apple ’will be officially released on July 13, 2020.


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