Sucker Punch and Playstation delve into the story of the last major exclusive to come to Playstation 4.

Ghost of Tsushima is the latest great exclusive release of Playstation 4 from Sucker Punch. Sony is publishing a series of videos that are delving into the most interesting aspects of the title, and the one that concerns us now is one about the story of Jin Sakai, the protagonist, and what will be a moral dilemma when it comes to abandoning the samurai way to become the Ghost and thus be able to save his people from the attack he is receiving from the Mongols.

In recent times we have been able to see a cinematic trailer where the game of the creators of Infamous shines visually and another one about the customization that we can carry out in Jin during our advance. The game comes after The Last of Us Part II, already on sale, and Iron Man VR slated for early July, making it the last major PS4 card before focusing ahead of PS5’s release later in the year.

July 17 for sale

Ghost of Tsushima is exclusively scheduled for July 17, in just over 15 days. The game will have a Day 1 patch of just over 7 gigabytes to touch up some elements that are not yet polished. Remember that according to the ESRB it arrives with dismembered and partial nudes, something that is logical considering the gruesome time in which it is located. You can find all the details of the game at this link, where are the most important news related to the new work of Sucker Punch.

And if you are more interested in the game, we leave you our opinion column signed by Sergio González where he talks about the coin that this change of registration of the parents of Infamous supposes, very in the style of Guerrilla leaving Killzone to enter Horizon. Will it turn out just as well?


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