Galaxy Note 20 News: Samsung has launched the July update for the Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra. But the update is interestingly over 1GB in size.


With the month of July, Samsung once again showed how fast it released updates. Samsung, which released the update even before Google, increases the functionality of Galaxy phones by adding new features in monthly updates. An update with July security fixes for the latest Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra has been released.

The update, which has just been released for the Galaxy Note 20 series, is interestingly over 1GB. What’s even more interesting is that the update’s changelog states that only the security of the device has been improved. Whereas, we know that Samsung can fit more with an update over 1GB.

According to the news on the SamMobile site, it seems to only happen in the QR code scanner on the view side. When you tap the QR Scanner toggle in the notification area, instead of just opening the camera application, you now have a special QR scanner application introduced in the Galaxy S21 series. Besides scanning QR codes with the camera, you can also open QR codes stored in the device gallery.

As for what else is new or improved, it would not be wrong to say that serious system maintenance was carried out in the massive update. You can query the update for the Galaxy Note 20 series from the Settings menu. But remember, the update has just started and is gradually spreading to other countries.


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