General Motors announced that it ended the electric bike operation due to the Corona virus outbreak.

In November 2018, we told you that General Motors was preparing to enter the electric bike business. General Motors, which unveiled its electric bicycles last year, started to receive orders in some countries in Europe for the 2,800 euro Ariv Meld and 3,400 euro Ariv Merge models.

According to information shared today, General Motors has announced that it has ended the electric bike operation due to the Corona virus outbreak. The order web page created for Ariv Meld and Ariv Merge models is directed to General Motors’ homepage.

General Motors global innovation director Brian Tossan said that Ariv electric bicycles allow them to obtain valuable information in terms of micromobility, adding that they will use this information in the future for new innovations.

The Corona virus epidemic, which has also affected our country with the whole world, has affected the affairs of General Motors like many companies. General Motors is trying to fix the damage caused by the Corona virus outbreak by closing some of its operations.

Maven, the vehicle sharing platform of General Motors, which was first announced in 2016, was terminated just like the Ariv electric bicycle operation. Although General Motors has terminated the operation of electric bicycles, let’s add that the sales of electric bicycles have increased due to the Corona virus outbreak in the USA and Europe.


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