After G Suite users, Gmail users with personal Google accounts also get chat integration.Last year, Google introduced the Google Meet, Chat, and Rooms tabs for Gmail, but these were only available to G Suite users.

Especially thanks to the new tabs added to Gmail, users could easily stay in touch with others. It now allows access to Gmail chat integration for personal Google accounts as well.

To enable the new chat integration that will bring up the Chat and Rooms tabs, you need to find the new Chat option in the service’s settings. After entering the settings in the Gmail interface and selecting the “View All Settings” option, you click on the “Chat and Meeting” tab. Here, just click the checkbox in the “Google Chat (Early Access)” option, then tap the “Try It” option in the popup window. Then, when you return to the interface, small details about how each feature works are shared. Note that the feature is still in early access.

Google is working hard to ensure that users can enjoy as many features as possible without being outside of the ecosystem. This feature can be described as an additional step in the right direction. It is also clear that the feature makes the Gmail application much better in terms of functionality and ease of access.


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