Gmail, one of the most used e-mail services, has begun to offer its new interface to users. The interface, which has started to be distributed gradually, makes the application effective by making it much easier to use Gmail.

Today, e-mail systems are of great importance. Thanks to these mail systems used by millions of people, many official communications are reduced to an easy level. It is an undeniable fact that the mail used for communication and information in all areas facilitates our lives. Gmail, one of these mail services, has decided to take the facilitation one step further.

Although Gmail makes our life much easier, there are some difficulties in the application. It takes quite a while to reach the settings section, especially in Gmail’s interface, and it makes things difficult. Gmail also realized this and went to an overhaul to prevent this minor problem. Now, it’s much easier to use Gmail effectively.

Gmail is gradually introducing the interface:

When the current interface reaches your account, you can easily take advantage of the benefits of the new interface. Features that you can easily access with a sign on the right side of Gmail will take your email experience a step further. The new interface, which provides one-click access to various designs, inbox types and display settings, is presented to users.

Google started publishing the change gradually. The new interface, which is stated to come to both G Suite users and personal Gmail accounts, if you haven’t reached your account yet, you don’t have to worry. The interface, which started to be distributed slowly, is expected to reach all users within 1 month.

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There is nothing you can do to get the update. If you have been thrown backwards by Google, you have no choice but to wait in line. The feedback of users who had the opportunity to use the update seems to be positive for now. Given the old nature of Gmail, it was no surprise for Google that this new and effective interface came to the fore…..


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