God of War is one of the PlayStation exclusives that has the most followers, and as you have surely seen, it served as a pretext on more than one occasion for its fans to defend a supposed superiority of this console over Xbox.



It is common to find debates on this topic, and regularly these discussions tend to end in a very bad way due to the intensity of some people.

While Xbox and PlayStation fans fight, the developers of many games enjoy the best of both platforms, and even the creator of God of War assured that the console war is only for children.

On more than one occasion some video game developers, and even leaders of the most important companies have told us that the console war exists only in the heads of the fans, and in fact it is.

Recently David Jaffe, creator of God of War, boasted through his official Twitter account that he acquired an Xbox Series X, and took the opportunity to give a small message to those who love to fight to see which platform is better.


‘Am I a fanboy? Damn, I’m a video game fanboy! To summarize- Console ‘wars’ are for kids. ’

This small but concise message shows that even the creator of God of War has the luxury of enjoying the best of Xbox and PlayStation, and without the need to criticize anyone, other than the fanboys.

Both consoles have their pros and cons, and defending one of them tooth and nail doesn’t really make much sense if you think about it, you’ll still be playing what you like the most anyway.

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