God of War News: A debate that shouldn’t be


Lately there has been a kind of movement or a common mockery. Many players boast of being the best and of being able to finish the most difficult titles. But the worst thing is that they ridicule those people who prefer to enjoy a video game in easy mode, instead of suffering. According to this thinking, everyone who prefers something accessible should miss out on the history of God of War, Halo or The Last of Us.

Since this topic has come up in many conversations. Now, the director of the God of War 2018, Cory Barlog, has joined the debate through Twitter and shared his point of view on some games and the option to enjoy them in easy mode.

God of War director doesn’t care

It all started when GameSpot journalist Tamoor Hussain posted a tweet. In this he complained that people were using From Software games, creators of the Souls saga, as an argument against making a title more accessible.

On these comments, Hussain said: ‘It limits how people can appreciate these games in their entirety and one aspect of them. How much of feeling something with the atmosphere of Firelink Shrine depends on making it so difficult that it becomes inaccessible for someone to play it? ‘

Later, Cory Barlog, director of the most recent God of War, gave his opinion: ‘It is as if someone said they like a building because it only has stairs. An elevator and ramps would make it too easy. So just take the stairs and ignore the elevator and the ramps. The enjoyment is still there, only now it’s accessible to everyone instead of just a few. ‘

Basically, Balrog referred to those players who feel superior for playing on high difficulty. Although he did not say so explicitly, his comment could indicate to us that those people should leave those who want a simpler experience alone. After all, the impact of the story or the beauty of your settings will be the same, whether you’re crying blood or not.

Different points of view.

The God of War director’s tweet had responses both for and against. Another Twitter user shared excerpts from a recent interview with Hidetaka MIyazaki, director of From Software. In this one, he talked about how his new title, Elden Ring, would be easier than other games from the company.

During it, Miyazaki spoke about the steps they were taking so that all players could enjoy the experience. Although there will be no option to change the difficulty, users will have the freedom to choose how to face each challenge and will even be able to complete the story without encountering the strongest opponents in the game.

At the end of the day, finishing a game on easy should not be a cause for ridicule, since, as the director of God of War seems to indicate, not everyone has the objective of testing their skills. Some just want to enjoy a good story or impressive graphics. What’s wrong with that?


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