The April 2021 security patch coming to the Galaxy Note 9 was finally announced this morning for the Samsung Galaxy S8 series.


While the world-famous smartphone manufacturer works on foldable devices one by one, the Google company has attracted attention with a new patent application today. While it cannot be understood whether the foldable device patent that has come out is a phone, a tablet or a netbook, let’s underline that it is quite curious. Currently, Samsung continues to surprise us with its speed, which produces foldable screens for different smartphone manufacturers. On the one hand, the company shares its new phones with users, on the other hand, it produces foldable screens for different companies, on the other hand, it offers various updates to its users. The April 2021 security patch for the Samsung Galaxy S8 series has been released.

In the news we made today, we mentioned that the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 model received an April 2021 security patch. The South Korean company does not neglect to offer various updates to its users among all the workforce. The company, which has not yet finished rolling out the update to all its devices, continues to progress successfully. While the Galaxy S21 series has become more secure with the new update, the good news for the S8 series has been given today.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Series Finally Receives The Anticipated Security Patch

The South Korean company continues its uninterrupted work nowadays, when we reach the middle of April. We follow the company closely and continue to convey the developments rapidly. Today, the update for Galaxy S8 series with release number G950NKSU5DUD1 has been released. While the incoming update closed 21 vulnerabilities on the devices, it also resolved 30 serious vulnerabilities presented by Google. Phone models, which have become more stable and more secure, are now more resistant to possible attacks.

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