Even though CES was online this year, it was just as interesting as in previous years. Today, the Japanese company Quantum Operation demonstrated a prototype of a wearable device that can determine the user’s blood glucose level without piercing the skin. We will no longer have to have our skin pierced to measure blood sugar. By the way, smart watches really make our lives easier now. It counts steps, calculates calories, reminds to drink water. In the latest ECG recording and blood pressure measurement feature, “My brother let me go, I’m canceled!” We had given the reaction.



The presented device is very similar to an ordinary smart watch. In addition to monitoring blood sugar levels, it has been reported that it can record an EKG and monitor the user’s heart rate. The most interesting thing is that it takes no more than 20 seconds for the device to determine the sugar level. Common methods for monitoring glucose levels include finger dipping or a monitor implanted in the body. Quantum Oeration uses Raman spectroscopy, which does not require skin damage. It is based on the analysis of the interaction of light with substances found in the blood.

The Japanese company is not the first to try to develop this feature. Apple had previously patented a device with similar features. Additionally, the Quantum Operation prototype isn’t quite accurate yet, but the company says it plans to bring the device to a professional product level for use by healthcare professionals. We will share it with our valuable readers as we reach detailed information.


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