Galaxy S10 News: Announcing the June 2021 security patch, the Samsung company stated that it has also activated the update for the Galaxy S10. Download now.


Continuing to quickly bring the June 2021 security patch to phone models, Samsung continues to lead. The company, which has not satiated with updates since the beginning of 2021, does not slow down. The South Korean company, which is also loved in our country, seems to maintain its leadership in the smartphone market for a long time. The company, which continues to bring its update to the phone models, when we came to the fourth day of June, made the faces smile again. The latest security patch has also been released for the Galaxy S10 series today. The company continues to distribute the June 2021 security patch since morning.

The South Korean company, which has been regularly distributing updates for 6 months, maintains its leadership in this field. The company, which does not know any competitors in the update, is almost cracking the enemy. The company, which brings the June 2021 security patch to its phones one by one, puts security a little more at the forefront.

Galaxy S10 Updated

The June 2021 security patch, available to users in Poland, was released this morning. The file size of the update released with the G97xFXXSBFUE6 version number was not specified. As you may remember, the phone appeared in February 2019 with Android 9 Pie. The phone, which has received and continues to receive many security patches since then, became more stable and made its current users smile. The phone model, which has a wide audience in our country, will continue to receive regular updates for the next two years.


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