Galaxy Tab A News: South Korean Samsung is releasing updates for its tablets after its smartphones. Android 11 has been released for the Galaxy Tab A.


The company, which broke a new record by releasing updates for more than 350 devices in May 2021, does not stop again. Samsung, the world’s largest phone manufacturer, is also talked about with the updates it has released. The technology giant, which finds its place in our news almost every day, has again released an update. Offering a better experience to its users with the update, the company targeted tablet models this time. The company, which has released the Android 11 update for the Galaxy Tab A, makes its users smile again.

The South Korean company, which has been releasing updates on updates for months, turned to its tablets this time. The company, which will soon introduce a huge 14-inch tablet, has upgraded another tablet model to Android 11. The company, which is not satisfied with publishing updates, cannot be stopped again.

Galaxy Tab A Received Android 11 Update

The tablet model, which is also sold in our country, was quite satisfied with both its performance and features. The tablet model, which has received security patches regularly until today, has now received the Android 11 update. The tablet model, which has changed completely with Android 11, has become more ambitious in terms of appearance. While the version number of the update offered to users in Chile and the Philippines was P205DXU5CUE3, it was stated that the Android 11-based One UI Core 3.1 operating system came. Coming to the file size of the update, it was announced to be 1.6GB. The 2019 model tablet now runs on Android 11.


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