Apple will be out with the iPhone 13 series in September. The most curious model of the series will be the iPhone 13 Pro. New information came today about the phone. Let’s say it from the beginning.


How will iPhone 13 Pro features be?

As you know, the frame used in the iPhone 12 family was so bad that some even had color discoloring problems. This frame, which constantly leaves fingerprints, is said to be history with new models. According to reports from Max Weinbach, the new model will use new coating technology to prevent contamination of the stainless steel frame.

As you know, the iPhone 12 had a black color option, but it was not completely black. You know, you wash the black t-shirt 50 times and the color fades now or it was the same. Apple will now switch to the color black as we know it. The new models, which will attract attention with their matte black color, will also come to the fore with their camera.

The protrusion degree of the camera module will be reduced. However, not all lenses will be consistent with the plane of the main lens module. So some lenses will have a bit of protrusion. This model, which will also house the revolutionary LiDAR technology in the sector, will have the Apple A15 chipset that will make the Snapdragon 888 cry.

Apple, which will offer 1 TB of storage such as a special hard disk for Pro models, will also make a breakthrough in display. Apple, which will do what Android did about 3 years ago and switch to a 120 Hz display, will use LTPO technology on this screen. In this way, a great advantage will be offered in battery consumption. What they call advantage is that there will probably be 10-15 minutes more usage. iPhone owners will be condemned to live under the socket again.


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