The under-screen camera technology, which has not been able to go into serial production for some time due to some technological obstacles, is ready to go into serial production according to the latest statements made by Visionox company, the display manufacturer. Here are all the details.

The under-screen camera is ready for mass production!

Under-screen cameras will be a major innovation for the designs of smartphones today. Because it will allow a full screen experience without notch or any holes.

According to previous statements, this technology was expected to go into mass production only at the end of 2020. The latest explanations made by Visionox company revealed that the invisible camera technology is ready for mass production. According to ITHome, Visionox will come up with various hardware improvements to provide a better experience on these displays.

There will be a new pixel technology, a special pixel layout, and transparent materials. In addition, Visionox will collaborate with device manufacturers to provide a software algorithm. It is reported that this algorithm will minimize glare and reduce fogging effect.

Xiaomi manager Lu Weibing stated last January that mass production of under-screen cameras is not yet possible due to several technological obstacles. Apparently, Visionox company has solved these problems and will go into mass production soon. Devices that will house this technology are also expected to appear in the coming days.

The company has not yet provided any detailed information about this technology. However, it is thought that all the details related to the under screen camera technology, which will be launched in a short time, will be formalized. We will also be sharing official information with you.

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