Users have stopped using it because of the vulnerability detected in Zoom recently and they have been looking for different multi-video application. WhatsApp, which is the best chat application we use in daily life, has come to the rescue of users. Good news for WhatsApp groups!

Good news for WhatsApp groups
To prevent competitors like Google Duo and Zoom, WhatsApp is working on the ability to allow more users to join a group conversation. As of now, it only allows four users to join a group conversation. However, it shows that with the latest Android beta version of WhatsApp, this limited number of users can be increased soon.

Zoom and Google Duo allow video calls with dozens of people at the same time. For this reason, people keep communicating with various applications from all over the world as it maintains the social distance to stop the spread of the corona virus.

Discovered in WhatsApp v2.20.128 beta and WhatsApp v2.20.129 beta for Android. This feature is not enabled yet. Therefore, users cannot use it after updating to the latest version.

There is no clarity on how many participants will be allowed in the group call after this feature is available. Also, there is no explanation for when the feature will be released for business accounts.


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