WhatsApp News; Facebook gave the good news for WhatsApp multi-device support. This feature is now available to anyone in the Beta version. Here are the details.


Good news came today for WhatsApp multi-device support for WhatsApp users. Social media giant Facebook has announced a limited public beta of WhatsApp’s new phone-free multi-device functionality. This feature is now available on both iOS and Android. However, for now, you need to be registered to the Beta version to be able to use this feature. In fact, this feature is only available in certain countries for now.

The new Beta version of WhatsApp includes the following innovations.

  • View live location on assistive devices.
  • Pin chats on WhatsApp Web or Desktop.
  • Join, view and reset group invitations from WhatsApp Web and Desktop.
  • Texting or calling someone who is using a very old version of WhatsApp on their phone will not work from your connected device.
  • Making calls from Portal or WhatsApp Desktop to connected devices that are not registered with the multi-device beta.
  • Other WhatsApp accounts on your portal will not work unless these accounts join the multi-device beta.
  • WhatsApp Business users cannot edit business names or tags from WhatsApp Web or Desktop.

This new feature of WhatsApp supports up to four different devices for now. This support is expected to increase in the future and the device limitation is expected to be lifted. Thanks to the multi-device support that will be offered to everyone with the final version towards the end of summer, especially those who use Android tablets and iPads will breathe a sigh of relief.

According to the transmitted information, E2EE, that is, end-to-end encryption, will be active in the multi-device feature. In other words, no one, including WhatsApp, will be able to read your messages. So you can securely message. If you want to test the new feature of WhatsApp; For Android, you need to participate in the WhatsApp Beta test from the Play Store, and for iPhone, you need to sign up for the beta via Testflight.


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