Windows 11 News: Microsoft gave the good news for Windows 11 support today. The new operating system will apparently be supported for many years.


Software giant Microsoft introduced the Windows 11 update in the past weeks. Making a series of improvements on Windows 10, Microsoft promised users an experience close to macOS with the new version. Today, there is good news for Windows 11 support. According to the statements from Microsoft, the new operating system will be supported for many years.

During the Ask Me Anything event, Microsoft representatives (Aria Carly, Dave Buckman, Jason Sandis, and Namrata Bachwani) confirmed the release of Windows 11 LTSC (Long Term Service Channel). With this support, it has been confirmed that Windows 11 will be fed with updates for a full 5 years.

We can say that the tests of Windows 11 are currently in beta stage. The new update, which is expected to be released in October, will be available for free to Windows 8, 8.1 and 10 owners. Microsoft, which will offer new main software updates for free, like Apple, will also make a number of improvements in the game field with its new version.

The new update, which will offer an FPS increase in games, will also come to a level that will challenge Apple in security. For now, we think that the new update, which resembles Windows 10 at a glance, will be more functional by receiving updates in the coming months. For now, the question mark about the new update, which will be Microsoft’s prestige version, is the system requirements.

According to the announced system requirements, most laptop models that come with Windows 10 will not be able to install the new version. Presumably, Microsoft will make a breakthrough in this regard and lower the requirements.


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