Xiaomi Mi 12 News: There is good news for the Xiaomi Mi 12 family, which will be Xiaomi’s new flagship. Here is the chipset that will be included in the phone.


New details have begun to emerge about the highly anticipated Xiaomi Mi 12 series of the Chinese technology giant. According to reports, the new series will be the first phone to use Qualcomm’s highly anticipated Snapdragon 895 chipset. Xiaomi, which is the first brand to use Snapdragon 888 with Mi 11, seems to continue to break new ground this year as well.

Xiaomi Mi 12 will come with Snapdragon 895

Qualcomm has not yet shared details about the new chipset. For now, it is difficult to predict what Qualcomm will do with the Snapdragon 895, which exceeds the 3.0 GHz speed band with the Snapdragon 888 Plus introduced in the past days. Probably, Qualcomm will be able to raise the bar this time in terms of both performance and efficiency with the new chipset.

The interesting thing is that Lenovo/Motorola was announced as the first brand to use Snapdragon 895 recently. Xiaomi, in cooperation with Qualcomm, will probably introduce new flagship models at the same time as the rival company.

Xiaomi is expected to include four different models in its new series. These models are; It will be divided into four as main, lite, Pro and Ultra. As for the camera, Xiaomi is expected to make an agreement with a photography giant this year. The company, which reached the top of DxOMark with the Mi 11 Ultra model, will maintain its leadership in the next year.

In the Ultra model, we expect Xiaomi to include the rear screen and use a 1-inch sensor. Let’s see if the Chinese giant will be able to dominate the phone industry with its new monsters.


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