No one knows Xiaomi’s Mi A3 with pure Android. Because since the day it stepped into our lives, we have only known this phone with its troubles and problems. Xiaomi already realized this and did not announce another phone with Android One operating system last year.



As you know, A3, the last example of the series, has got the Android 11 update surprisingly in recent weeks. The users took this opportunity and installed the update directly and did not realize that they were throwing themselves into a big flame. Until their phones were completely unusable.


Xiaomi Mi A3 users bogged down after update

The Android 11 update offered by Xiaomi to Mi A3 users in recent weeks has made the devices almost unusable. However, the Chinese manufacturer made warnings from various places that its users should not install this update. It had already withdrawn the OTA update before; but it was too late …

Now Xiaomi has started to heal the wounds of people who are victims of this problem. A3 users whose devices have become unusable due to the problematic update it has given will be able to benefit from the “free repair” program that the company has just launched.

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According to the official statement, customers who are victims of Android 11 will be able to have their devices repaired free of charge by going to the nearest service. In addition, people whose warranty has expired will be able to benefit from this repair free of charge. All you have to do is to hand over your phone by going to the nearest Xiaomi service.


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