OnePlus 9R, which has been criticized for battery problems for a while, finally solved the problem with OxygenOS 11.2.3.


Updates are flying around right now. On the one hand, Samsung, on the other hand, Xiaomi and now OnePlus do not stop. Released updates make phones work better. On the other hand, the security patches received make the phones more durable. This morning, South Korean Samsung released the June 2021 security patch for more than 3 devices. The company, which is ahead of its competitors, does not seem to lose the leadership to anyone. The OnePlus 9R model, which has been on the agenda with a battery problem for a while, also received an update this morning. With the update, the battery problem is finally solved.

Users who have stated that the phone’s battery has been heating up for weeks and causing some problems took a sigh of relief this morning. The update fixed major issues.

OnePlus 9R Received OxygenOS Update

According to the information we have obtained, the battery problem that users have been saying for a long time has been resolved with the update released today. Bringing the May 2021 security patch, the update resolved both the battery problem and some bugs, making the phone more stable. The update, which has a file size of 106MB, did not bring any innovations for the device. While the update is currently live, users are recommended to install the update as soon as possible. The battery issue has been completely resolved and the device has been stabilized.


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