Free Fire News: A very popular battle royale for cell phones


Free Fire is one of the most popular battle royales for mobile gamers. The title distributed by Garena, pits you against 50 other people in a pitched battle to see who is the last one standing. Something very similar to Fortnite, only without the ability to build.

In addition, as in Fortnite, they have their store within the game, where you can acquire new characters. Often times, Free Fire has collaborations to bring some celebrities into their store, but sadly, they can’t be there all the time and one of them will be unavailable, maybe forever.

Goodbye Jai, Free Fire will miss you

The character who is at risk of disappearing forever from Free Fire is Jai. This one arrived during September 2020, with an appearance based on the Indian actor, Hrithik Roshan, and a skill that the players liked very much.

Jai has a special ability that can recharge up to 25% of his weapon’s magazine after getting a kill, although this does not apply to shotguns, sniper rifles, or special weapons. However, there are some YouTube videos that show the true potential of this power, that when used in the right way, it can give you almost infinite bullets.

So if you want to unleash this potential, maybe you should rush to get Jai at the store before he disappears. Since Garena announced that the character will leave Free Fire on July 21, and there is no news of when he will be able to return, if he does.

Perhaps his dismissal is due to the fact that he is based on a famous actor from India. Perhaps he did not want anyone else to continue playing with his image, we are not sure, but what is a fact is that many will miss his ability, if they did not buy it, of course. Does this departure make you sad or didn’t you even know about him?


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