Black Widow News: Piracy has hit the video service


Black Widow got off to an interesting start at the box office during its opening week both in theaters and on the Disney Plus service where it is available through Premier Access online.

The Black Widow numbers revealed by Disney showed something interesting and that is that many were renting the film for the 30 USD it costs or were going to the movies to see it on the big screen, however, it seems that things did not go so well at the time. second week of its premiere.

Black Widow had a historic crash that had never happened to any of the Marvel Studios films, a detail that caused red flags throughout the press and generated a rumor that Disney would disappear the controversial Premier Access that launches its films in streaming at the same time than in the cinema.

Black Widow Disney Plus

It is worth remembering that Black Widow postponed its premiere time and again due to the pandemic that had closed cinemas around the world. This caused Disney Plus to function as a way out for several films that would no longer have a point to put on the billboard.

The problem with Disney Plus is not that Black Widow is good or bad, it is piracy
Now, the main theme around this story revolves around all the losses that Disney Plus is going through due to the fact that Black Widow is being one of the most pirated movies thanks to the Internet.

It is not that Disney puts locks on its content, the Internet is a place where people prevail who manage to jump all kinds of obstacles and achieve their mission of getting what they want.

That is why Black Widow is everywhere, we are even surprised that it is not circulating on Facebook as in its time it happened with Avengers Endgame. Now, all this has led to rumors about the disappearance of the Premier Access service.

For now, this option is going to go ahead and unless a real catastrophe occurs, Disney will close it to not have many more losses.


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