Qualcomm signed with Google today. Within the scope of the project called Project Treble, 4 years of uninterrupted update support will be provided.

Google launched the Project Treble project to ensure that the Android ecosystem is unified among various smartphone manufacturers. Initially, the project focused on helping phone manufacturers deliver updates quickly. Now, Google announced a new collaboration with Qualcomm to develop and expand Project Treble right down to the chipset.

Before Project Treble, Android was not known to be heavily fragmented. This was because of the development cost and time required for manufacturers to customize a new Android version themselves. This problem has largely been solved with Project Treble. In this way, Google, which started to evaluate Android as a whole, spread the updates faster with Android 10. You know, a phone gets Android 10 update every day. This is happening thanks to Project Treble. However, this project also had a disadvantage.

Project Treble made it easy for OEMs to update Android OS, while chipset manufacturers’ job was made difficult as they needed to support multiple versions of Android. This problem will be resolved very soon with the cooperation of Qualcomm and Google.

Thanks to the handshake of the two giants, Android phones with Qualcomm’s chipset will receive updates to the main release version + 3 years to new major Android versions for a full 4 years. So, if the phone is launched with Android 11, it will get Android 12, 13 and 14. So you will understand that this support will be valid for 3 years.

Starting with Snapdragon 888, the two giants, which will also support new chipsets, seem to completely solve the update problem, which is the nightmare of Android.


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