Google and Microsoft have developed new features based on artificial intelligence to eliminate noise in video calls, making audio during web conferences much clearer, even if there are children shouting in the background or dogs barking nearby.

In the case of the Mountain View giant, AI noise cancellation is being released first for corporate G Suite users. They will be able to rely on a powerful algorithm capable of eliminating any type of sound that is disturbing the video call, offering clean and pleasant audio.

The bot responsible for analyzing the audio and eliminating noise is in the cloud and not on the devices of the participants of the online conversation. The product management director Suite G Serge Lachapelle made a demonstration of the technology, you can check out the video below.

The recording shows Lachapelle talking and making a series of noises at the same time, including tapping a key on a glass. When the AI ​​is activated, the noises disappear almost instantly, leaving only the executive’s voice. The feature, which will still go through adjustments, will be activated by default, but the user can turn it off if he wants to.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft has a similar technology to make the audio of video calls clearer, even if users are on the street, amid many cars circulating and others talking around.

The algorithm, which will be available soon in the video call function of Microsft Teams, goes into action to analyze the audio of the conference call, filtering and eliminating any type of sound that it does not recognize as speech. In the video below, you can see the tool working:

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As with Google technology, artificial intelligence eliminates noise – in this case, the user touching a chip package – leaving only the participant’s voice.


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