Microsoft is partnering with Google to improve browser compatibility as part of the # Compat2021 initiative. In this context, companies will try to fix five basic CSS issues.

Microsoft and Google announced today that they are joining the # Compat2021 initiative, a new cross-browser initiative aimed at improving browser compatibility for web developers. The new initiative aims to fix the top 5 compatibility issues in browsers, all related to CSS.

Cross-browser compatibility issue
The project focuses on five key issues that web developers tackle when trying to create a consistent experience across browsers using basic web layout, forms, and animation tools. These five main issues are stated as CSS Flexbox, CSS Grid, CSS position: sticky, CSS aspect-ratio property, and CSS transforms.

Microsoft and Google are competing in many areas, but since both Microsoft’s new Edge browser and Google’s Chrome browser are Chromium-based, this brings them together on a common ground.

Microsoft in a blog post: “We are excited to join Google, Igalia and the wider web community to fund a cross-browser effort # Compat2021 to deliver significant improvements in all areas. identified the above focus areas based on the number of bugs, various survey feedback, CanIUse data, and test results from web platform tests. ” made statements.

According to the Compat 2021 Dashboard, which compares the experimental and stable structures of Chrome, Edge, Firefox and Safari and gives a score out of 100 for compatibility with each browser, Chrome and Edge score 86 from the development channel, while Firefox Nightly’s score is 83 and Safari Preview ‘ The score of 64 was determined. When the stable versions are compared, Chrome and Edge scored 83 points, while Firefox and Safari remained at 60 points.


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