The embargoes imposed by US President Donald Trump for Huawei continue. For this reason, many Huawei models that cannot use Google’s navigation service will get rid of this problem. Because the new Huawei navigation application HERE WeGo is launched.

What does the Huawei navigation app HERE WeGo offer?
Originally launched and released in 2013, HERE WeGo previously had a different name. Navigation software, which has taken place in Huawei’s application gallery, pleased many Huawei and Honor users.

This application, which gives users information about public transportation, car, bicycle or taxi transportation, can also be used to call a taxi. It should also be noted that the software whose name has been changed gives detailed directions for the specified directions.

HERE WeGo, which contains more than 1300 famous cities such as Rome, Toronto, Paris, Berlin, London and New York, provides information about the public transportation systems of these cities.

In addition, this application, which shows the prices and taxi fares of public transportation tickets, reflects the traffic density and parking places on the users’ screen. Voice guidance is also available.

You can access HERE WeGo software, which allows you to use maps of the United States, the UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Canada, Australia and many more offline, “here”.

Finally, let’s underline that this software is also released for Honor phones. Do you think Huawei’s new initiative will be rivaling Google Maps? Which application will you choose?


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