The compact-sized Google Assistant started shipping to beta users of the Google app. Seen almost a year ago by the 9to5 Google website, Google’s virtual assistant now occupies less than half the screen when triggered and becomes less invasive for quick searches.

When triggered, the Google Assistant releases a panel that takes only the bottom of the screen to introduce itself with the words “Hello, how can I help?”. All icons and shortcuts have been preserved, as well as suggestions for using the wizard and the profile icon in the upper right corner.

The change, in turn, is not only in the size of the first panel, but also in the actions of the wizard. When making a request – be it a survey, music or a quick question – the app no ​​longer takes the entire screen to present its results.

Instead, the size of the app varies depending on the results. If the question is a quick one and requires little screen space – such as weather and song names – the wizard will only occupy the necessary space. For more complex requests, the app features a feed with all the results found.

Making the relationship with the virtual assistant less disruptive is the goal of Google with this change. “In the past, using voice commands was an experience that used the entire screen and eventually took you to a ‘scrollable’ feed. The experience with Google Assistant on Pixel 4 is more in line with the computational future sought by Google, where interacting for help happens without premeditation or interrupting your life. ”

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Therefore, the new experience with the wizard looks lighter and more intuitive. Less occupying the screen during routine activities encourages the use of the tool while running other apps on the phone. Considering that it is already being forwarded to users in the public beta, the visual update should soon reach the general public in its final version.


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