Google Assistant, which has recently made significant improvements, will gain a new feature. Google’s voice assistant will now help people with visual impairments or difficulties with reading, such as dyslexia. Google Assistant sites, which will be available to Android users, will read aloud.

Now Google Now sites will read aloud
This feature, which has been anticipated by the users for a while, has started to be offered to Android users starting today. All you need to do to use this feature is to say “Hey Google, read” to the assistant when you enter the website you want to read. Then the assistant will begin to read the texts on the site aloud.

Another striking aspect of the new feature was the ability to translate in real time. Users will be able to choose from 42 different languages ​​in the translation menu in the application. After the selection, the assistant will be able to read the content in real time by translating it.

At the same time, the assistant will be able to automatically scroll down the page while reading the articles on the site. Users can change the volume of the sound as well as adjust the speed of the sound as desired. On the other hand, you will have the opportunity to jump to different parts of the page while the assistant is reading.

The company made its first announcement at CES earlier this year for this new feature that Google Assistant has acquired. In fact, although the work for this feature dates back much earlier, the company started to offer the feature it promised in the past months.


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