The security application is updated and you can now transfer ID credentials between devices, which previously did not.

Today almost all experts recommend the use of 2-step verification systems. And in them, verification apps like Google Authenticator are essential – even Nintendo uses it for 2-step authentication on the Nintendo Switch. But the Google application was frustrating in one section: It did not allow data to be transferred from one device to another.

Update Google Authenticator
If you changed your mobile and tried to transfer the content from one to another, the app itself was transferred, but not the data, which gave you a few headaches with the account backup settings. Luckily that is a thing of the past, since the application has been updated to version 5.10, counting as a most notable novelty the option of transferring data from one account to another device.

Using this function in turn requires the use of the biometric identification PIN and allows you to choose which accounts to send the data to, showing a QR code to scan with the other mobile. But it is not the only novelty that Authenticator receives, since the Google application has added a ban on taking screenshots of functions with sensitive information.

Google Authenticator v 5.10
The app includes in its version 5.10 several aesthetic innovations, such as the adaptation to the elongated screen ratios of many of the current mobile models, as well as the use of Material Design 2.0 design adapting black to OLED screens. The new functions will be gradually incorporated into the stable version of the application in Google Play as version 5.10 is distributed.


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