Looking for ways to improve the user experience, Chrome makes performance and interface changes. Bypassing Chrome 82, the developers decided to continue with the 83 version. We have shared Google Chrome 83 features with you before. According to the latest news, the Google Chrome autofill interface is changing.

With the new interface, the autofill feature can now be used more easily.

Google Chrome autofill interface changes

The auto-fill option that you encounter while shopping on the internet, entering the address, entering your user name or password is a very time-saving feature. Along with the new interface, Chrome aims to offer the user a more modern look.

In the previous interface, the autofill feature was next to where you want to login. If you have a registered address, credit card, or membership, you could easily operate on this screen. However, this area was restricting the screen especially for mobile Chrome users. The new feature comes by default. If this feature did not come automatically, you can activate it from the menu that appears by typing “chrome: // flags” in the address bar.

The new Google Chrome autofill interface has been moved to the keyboard, unlike before. Thus, the restricted area on the user’s screen will not be occupied any more. Editing of addresses, credit cards and user passwords will be done on the keyboard. Users will not be subject to any space restrictions while editing.

If you have more than one profile on social media such as Facebook or Twitter, you will be able to choose the profile you want thanks to an external screen that appears again. The new interface, which is facilitated for people who use multiple accounts, appears as a small external screen in the first place. If you wish, you can enlarge it by clicking this screen and manage your usernames / passwords.


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