Google is preparing to make a significant change in the Chrome browser that does not fall out of the language with the use of RAM. The popular browser will become lighter next year.

While Google adds new features to its Chromium-based browser, Chrome, it also makes improvements on the invisible side of the software.

TerminateProcess API
Google Chrome developers are considering using Windows 10’s TerminateProcess function, according to the latest report. The API of Windows 10 allows the system to return to its previous performance after running a software by clearing the processes left behind by the applications that the user closed.

Due to the cost of closing processes in terms of hardware resources and the difficulty in complex software, Chrome developers soon take advantage of Windows 10’s TerminateProcess API, aiming to maximize the amount of available RAM both by closing tabs during use and when the browser is closed.

In particular, the use of the new API on Windows 10 computers with 8 GB and less RAM will provide noticeable acceleration. Finally, although it is not known which version will come with the new feature yet, the next year has been pointed out.


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