With Family mode feature, effects, virtual masks and stickers have come to Google Duo chats.

Google’s video chat application Duo has launched the family mode feature with an update it released today. Thanks to the family mode feature, users will now be able to add effects, virtual masks and stickers to their appearance while speaking.

For now, effects and masks that can only be used actively in one-to-one interviews can also manifest themselves in group interviews in the future. We can say that Google Duo, which also includes a special mask for Mother’s Day in family mode, does not offer as aesthetic content as Instagram or Snap filters for now.

Google Duo, which improved image quality last month, added 3 new features to the application. First released in 2016, Duo continues to add new features to the app. Thus, with the epidemic, it tries to increase its market share among the video calling applications that attract high attention.

The company, which has increased its number of participants from 8 to 12 in iOS and Android applications last month, will bring this feature to the browser version in the coming weeks. This way, people who have a Google account will be able to have group chats with Google Duo via the browser.


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