According to The Information’s report, Zoom was once so popular on Google that some Google Cloud engineers were considering buying Zoom in 2018.

Our daily lives, which have changed due to the Corona virus outbreak, have not yet returned to normal. Although the restrictions are relaxed at different rates according to the countries, the social distance between people seems to be preserved for a long time. When this is the case, video conferencing applications, which have experienced a significant increase in the number of users, also find a place in an important part of our lives.

In this period, the use of Zoom has increased considerably. In addition to zoom, tech giants Google and Microsoft’s Meet and Teams apps have significantly increased both the number of users and the daily video conference hours. However, applications being so competitive required companies to take some restrictions. Google then banned its employees from using Zoom. Even though Zoom’s vulnerabilities were shown as the reason for this, the main story was that Google wanted to highlight its own application, which we need to grant to the company.

Googlers using Zoom instead of Meet
This is the case now, but only 2 years ago things were much different. According to The Information’s report, Zoom was once so popular on Google that some Google Cloud engineers were even considering buying Zoom in 2018. Back then, “a few thousand” Google employees used Zoom instead of Hangouts Meet. According to the report, discussions on purchasing are reported to go as far as evaluating a reasonable price and calculating the cost of operating Zoom on Google’s servers. However, when we look back, the discussions do not seem to go beyond this.

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Although Zoom and formerly Hangouts Meet, now just Meet, are in serious competition, the number of users of Zoom is now more than others and continues to increase day by day. However, with the Gmail integration coming to Meet, the number of users has started to increase in the last few weeks. Google CEO Sundar Pichai announced the company’s first quarter revenue while Google’s video conferencing app Meet adds about 3 million users a day.

As a result, Google and others are still trying to capture Zoom on video conferencing, but it remains a matter of curiosity how to improve in this area as players in the industry increase.


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