Google announced on Tuesday (5) a new program called ‘Web Vitals’, which will be responsible for managing the evaluation and performance of websites. The initiative comes to provide new usage metrics so that the user experience is always improving.

In total, the company brings together three “user experience needs” on the web for 2020: page load times, interactivity and visual stability of the content.

The company says that measuring the quality of the user experience can be complicated, as there are specific and contextual points on the sites. Therefore, he created the “Core Web Vitals” as critical points of this experience.

Better optimized sites are usually more recommended and score better in search rankings. Google encourages website owners to collect measurement analytics on the new platform for performance metrics.

Unlike tools like Chrome DevTools, Lighthouse, PageSpeed ​​Insights and others, the new one is simplified so that owners can easily understand the data.

Google also announced that other tools, such as those mentioned above and Search Console, will receive updates with guidance on how to improve each metric. Web Vitals, in turn, will be updated annually with new measurements.

According to the company, the current version does not yet have a “complete set of metrics that captures the ideal user experience on the web”.


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