Google allegedly does not allow competition. It puts its services first in search results. In addition, it is ensured that only Google’s voice assistant is used as the default search engine.

Because of these circumstances, Google has faced joint lawsuits from 38 states of the USA.

Google has gotten big trouble this time around!

Google allegedly harms competitors while delivering world-class search results and prioritizes its own services. Those who claimed that they were harmed by this situation and who opposed it jointly sued Google.

It is stated in the lawsuit applications that Google aims to be a monopoly. According to other information in the documents, Google wants to keep its competitors out of this competition and eliminate them and leave consumers to themselves.

As a result of the lawsuits, the statement was made by Google without delay. Stating that they are ready to contribute to the court process, Google underlined how important it is to examine large companies. In addition, arguing that the purpose of the case is not monopoly, Google states that with the desired adjustments, it will be difficult for consumers to find what they want to search directly.

The new lawsuits are believed to support another case filed by the US Department of Justice in October that directly targeted Google. We will see what the outcome of the cases will be in the future.


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