Being the most used search engine in phones, tablets and computers, Google has millions of users in the world. The Google search engine, which has a very different importance and place in our lives, comes to our rescue even in the slightest issue. Sometimes to cook, sometimes to look at new phone models, sometimes to spend time at our bedside, the search engine has received a new feature. This feature, which has been expected for years and is so simple, was the dark mode, as everyone predicted.



As it is known, Google has maintained its leadership in the field of search engine for years. While the launch of many search engines did not affect its progress, it continued its uninterrupted efforts to provide better service to users. It has also come to the dark mode search engine, which is on many websites today. The mode, which was offered to users who spend a long time on the Internet, emerged through the notification.

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Google Got Dark Mode

Users browsing in stealth mode have encountered a notification on their computer screens this morning. It was written in the notification that the dark mode has arrived and is currently available. While the mode, which is offered to users with a theme, is currently being used with pleasure, it has been stated that users do not have to use this mode if they wish.

Users who use the search engine can experience three different modes as light, dark and system theme and continue to use the mode that suits them. Dark mode, which is available on almost every website today, is less eye-tiring and encourages users to stay on the internet for a long time.


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