Internet and technology giant Google continues its innovations without slowing down. A new feature has now come from Google for both web and mobile app. Google Instagram, TikTok and Twitter videos will now start showing in search results. With this new feature, the best results, images, videos and other content on social media platforms will be included in search results.


Clicking on any video in the search results, Google redirects the user to the web version of the respective platform to play the video. After these contents opened in a separate window, it will be sufficient to close the opened section to return to the search results. Google has been indexing videos on Twitter for many years already. Now, with this update, Google seems to expand this with more social media platforms.

Unless platforms prevent Google from doing this, Google will continue to use this feature. However, if Twitter or another platform asks users not to index, this feature of Google may be a lie. Probably, social media platforms will soon have to offer users options.

Users will be able to prevent the content they have shared from appearing on Google or a similar search engine. However, this seems like a remote possibility for now. However, if there are complaints about this, social media channels can offer this option.


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