The date has been given for Google’s highly anticipated Google I / O 2021 event. The event will be held next May.

As you know, the Google I / O event to be held in 2020 was canceled due to the COVID 19 pandemic. While wondering whether it will be canceled at this year’s event, today the expected statement came from the Google front. With the statement made by the company, it became clear that the Google I / O 2021 event will be held between 18-20 May.

It is not known which announcements Google will sign at this event for now. However, more details about the Android 12 operating system are likely to be shared with users at this event. In addition, on the website prepared for the I / O 2021 event, it is noted that this conference will be made in technical presentations as well as special announcements for developers.

If you remember, Google announced the Google Pixel 3A and Nest Hub Max at the I / O conference it organized in 2019. In the event that will take place next May, Google is expected to make some surprise announcements in this way.

Jon Prosser, who is known for his accurate leaks in this section, says that Google can introduce the Pixel 5a model at this event. Likewise, it is also said that Pixelbook 2 and affordable Pixel Buds A models, which have been the subject of leaks for a while, will be launched with the event to be held between 18-20 May.


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