Cloud Print, Google’s cloud-based printing service for Chrome OS devices, closes at the end of this year.Cloud Print, which Google launched in 2010 as a way to make it easier for people with Chrome OS devices to print their documents, is in its last days.

Google will terminate this application on January 1, 2021. Cloud Print lost its popularity on the first day in 2017, when Google added a native print option to Chrome OS devices.

One more Google app ends
Native printer support was not available in Chrome OS when Google was launching Cloud Print. That being the case made this practice important at the time.

In 2017, Google introduced a native printing system that could allow Chrome OS devices to connect to printers on a local network, just like other operating systems. This caused Google Cloud Print to be virtually unavailable. Last year, Google announced that the service will be shut down completely on January 1, 2021.

Google has published a detailed guide for users who still use Cloud Print and do not know how to switch.


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